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7 Tips for Weekend Reading #5

7 Tips for Weekend Reading #5

1. Ready or Not, Here Comes HD Web Design

Apple is pushing the tech industry forward by increasing the pixel density on iPhone and iPad screens. This is great from a user’s perspective, but as a web designer or developer it literally threatens to completely change the way you build websites. Are you ready for HD web design? …
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2. What People Do Is The New SEO

This article is all about the lies we tell. I know everyone loves when a post starts this way, but SEO is not dead, or dying for that matter. At least I certainly hope that’s not the case, considering I and many others reading this make a livelihood working in it. But SEO is certainly changing …
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3. Twitter – You’re Doing It Wrong

If I were to bet money on the most effective social media tool, I will certainly choose Twitter. At least on the short and medium term. There’s a Pinterest frenzy out there, some even compare it with Twitter in terms of traffic. That’s, for now, a crazy thing to say. They’re light years between them. A look into someone’s Google Analytics …
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4. Your Call to Action is Lame! Here are 10 Ways to Make it Convert Better

The call to action (CTA) is the most important part of a landing page, designed to convince visitors to take the next step or complete a specified action. That could mean signing up for an email list, purchasing a product or service, downloading a white paper, or completing any request aligned with furthering your business goals.

In this post we’ll dissect, congratulate and insult a bunch of CTA’s – because let’s face it most of them *really* do suck …
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5. How Google Analyzes the SEO Structure of any Website

Google is the biggest, fastest and most advanced search engine in the world. It also has the most complex algorithm, enabling it to return search results that usually match closely with the user’s query in a very short space of time.

Bearing in mind that there are literally billions of websites on the internet, all interlinked in one way or another, it is a very complicated process to determine which sites will be the most relevant to the searcher and …
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6. 25 Reasons Why Google Hates Your Blog

Your blog is a good read. Everyone says so.

Although “everyone” is really just people you already know. Like your Mum.

So why isn’t your blog being found by other people? The millions and millions of people hungrily consuming blog content out there in the global online space we call the Internet?

The cold, hard truth is that Google hates your blog. And it’s nothing personal. You just don’t have anything …
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7. Where should I really be sharing?

Social networking is constantly evolving. In many cases, what was cool two years ago is now next to worthless. For example ‘the Digg effect‘ used to be massive and could really make a big difference to the visitors to a website.

That was then, this is now. The Digg effect is now nearly nonexistent …
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