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7 Tips for Weekend Reading #4

A compilation of useful and inspirational articles for weekend reading.

1. Search Engine Marketing vs. Social Media Marketing: The Showdown

When it comes to driving traffic to your website, there are a variety of ways to get visitors. The primary two that individuals and businesses almost always have a struggle with investing their time and money into are search and social. Sometimes the issue is convincing people why these are a necessity for a thriving business. Other times, the conflict is whether to invest in one marketing strategy more than …
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2. The 10 Golden Rules to Attracting Authority Links

In the world of link building, getting an authority link to your site/blog has been one of the most important aspects of growing your blog. Back in 2009 Page Level Link Metrics and Domain Level Authority Features accounted for over 46% of your pages own authority:
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3. Google, Bing & Yahoo in Partnership to Sell Top Organic Local Listings?

A new service offered by Bruce Clay Inc. called Local Paid Inclusion should raise a few eyebrows in the search marketing community – if there’s any truth to it, that is. Officially in alpha, according to backend partner Universal Business Listings, the LPI program will offer top organic rankings in local listings for a fee, sources told Search Engine Watch.
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4. Using Pinterest for Content Marketing

In the world of blogging, a lot of recent attention has been paid to Google + and Search Plus – Google’s effort to integrate Google + into search results. But with all the hoopla over Google +, content marketers can’t forget about Pinterest, a new kid in town that’s driving traffic and taking names. In fact, Experian’s Hitwise report just listed Pinterest as the #7 social network, beating out Google+ for share of visits.
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5. Why You’ll Start Paying for Analytics in 2012

Months ago, while planning the topics I’d cover in this newsletter through the conclusion of 2011, I had in mind to write something about search. It had been a while—almost two years at that point—since I last wrote anything about search specifically, though I had covered all sorts of things related to search many times since then, like search engine optimization and measurement. So, as is my habit, I created a text document called “search article” and began adding notes as ideas or reference material came up.
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6. How Google+ Uses SEO to Steal Search from Facebook and Twitter

Notice anything odd about your Google+ profile? Does it rank incredibly well in Google’s search results for your own name?

Colleagues note that their G+ profile now outranks other online identities that they’ve worked for years on. My own Google+ profile, just 5 months old, ranks #2 for my name. It now ranks higher than both my Twitter and …
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7. How to Understand Your Google “Not Provided” Traffic

If you didn’t notice the Search Engine Watch article from October 19, 2011 discussing Google’s decision to encrypt the referrer information for logged in users (including query string) you’ve most likely noticed the result: the ominous “not provided” most of us now see as our top referring search query.

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